I know, you've all been missing my scintillating wit and tentacle porn -- I know I have. The writing I do in my free time is just about as fun as it gets, and the best part is sharing it with a community of readers and writers who will tell me which are the hot parts.

Unfortunately, it is writing I do in my free time, and I don't have as much of that these days as I'd like. Teaching's a demanding field; you'd think that since I have summers off, I'd be churning out about three books a week, but writing lesson plans and keeping up to date on my subject takes up a lot of my time. Teaching is also not a very lucrative field, so in the interest of paying rent, I'm working Ye Olde Summer Jobbe on top of prepping for fall.

What all this means is, you're probably not going to see much of me for a while. Think of it as the off season, and feel free to envision a training montage or three. Can't go wrong with a training montage.


07/12/2012 21:03

*waves* Just came by to say Hi, so... Hi :D That is all.


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