After a long time away, I've returned to my recreational writing habit with two upcoming anthology publications. Both of these projects are exciting for me, because both potentially have novels attached, so expect a lot of wittering about minor characters and plot logic and the logistics of xenokink. "Deadline" in Tall, Dark, and Wriggly (more on that in the months to come!) is a science fictional story about interspecies politics, power plays, and hot tentacle dickings, which honestly you all should've expected if you know my body of work thus far. I must've been tentacle monstered out, though, because while "Sleeping with Ghosts" is being published in Bump in the Night--an erotic horror anthology with two tentacle sex stories--there is not a single tentacle to be found in it. You could call it a Grimmpunk religious murder mystery, if you were the kind of person who used words like "Grimmpunk," or you could call it an affair between the spirit and the flesh. If you wanted to throw in a lascivious wink at the end there, I wouldn't blame you.

In a land where travelers go to bed with cold iron close to hand and soulless children rip their mothers apart, Yordan Korvechi is a member of a religious order with one purpose: holy assassination. He gets more than he bargained for, though, when his Father Superior sends him on an urgent mission deep into the eastern hinterland. The target, Kardam Zavachi, is not yet ready to die--and as his hungry ghost returns to trouble Yordan's sleep, Yordan begins to realize that killing him was the easy part.
                                                                                                                  Excerpt available here.

If Bump in the Night sounds like your kind of thing, you can pre-order right now. (Seriously, you want to pre-order this right now, because everyone who pre-orders gets the book two days early and is entered into a contest to win free books from Riptide for a year. If it weren't a breach of etiquette, I'd be pre-ordering under six different pseudonyms. Free books is a huge enticement for me.)

So, to sum up, I'm back to erotic horror, tentacleporn, and space boyfriends. Apparently I haven't learned a thing from being away.



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